Switching PC issues

So, I installed Garuda on an external SSD on an AMD machine, since it’s an external SSD, I could boot on every machine (excepts the machines that aren’t in the required specs, and 32bit systems).
I tried to boot on a (64 bit) Intel, I managed to boot into GRUB, then comes the Garuda logo with the boot screen. And then black screen, and nothing. I tried every option in GRUB, LTS kernel, fallback.
Then I downloaded the Intel-ucode from the store. But same issue.
I managed to get to the console, and get this info.

You are doing a blunder, imo.

Cause you installed different drivers, like graphic drivers as an example, and expect them to run on all machines. It isn't possible, tbh.

This might have worked, if you had two machines with exactly same hardware.


Ohhh, it's because when I used Mint, I could switch PC without a problem.

But in a Nutshell; it doesn't work, except install all the drivers.

As far as I remember, Mint installs all the basic drivers for pc, whereas Garuda installs only the drivers that you need. It is more efficient way, but I agree that this doesn't support hardware switching.

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Okay, thank you anyway for the help & answers! :wave:

Not without special treatment.
Best capabilities with:

  • video-linux video (open-source) drivers via mhwd (propr. nvidia not easy)
  • both intel-ucode, amd-ucode
  • when failed to boot, use fallback image
  • customized system, with minimal auto/system tweaks (arch-like barebones)
  • custom kernel preset, kernel params, and more

...and still, experience on solving issues yourself is required. It is not fair to ask for help for something that unconventional :man_shrugging:


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