Switched from Windows 11 to Garuda Linux and I Am Not Regretting It!


Recently, I switched from Windows 11 to Garuda Linux. I had been planning this for a while ever since Garuda's KDE Dr460nized Edition came out. After using Garuda Linux for a while, I am beyond impressed and can't believe the performance between these 2 OS's. Garuda never crashed on me or froze (this used to happen a lot on Windows) and I am not regretting this decision I made. Thanks for making such a great Linux Distro! All I wanted to say folks!


It's definitely great, but i wouldn't celebrate just yet, wait until the Arch under the hood decides that wants to be a b*tch and take 4 hours of troubleshooting, research, crawling through terminals, obscure scripts and config edits to get a program/game working.

Not saying it isn't worth the trouble though.




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