Switch nvdia->amd

hi all ,

I m a new user of garuda linux. I need your assitance to switch a grapphic video card
i want replace a NVIDIA 1070 by a RADEON 66000
What is the step for do it properly ?


Do you want advice on replacing just the hardware or hardware and software?

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i need step to desinstall nvdia driver and do the new card functional (software)

Which version of garuda are you using?

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it's a fresh install KDE Draconized gaming edition

As you are new to linux i probably would go into garuda settings manager then to hardware configuration.
Unistall any nvidia drivers
Replace card
Go back into setting manager and install drives for your card


yep im a noob in linux, i understand the amd driver are inclued in kernel right ?

It should just pick it up when the hardware is installed

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Thank you for your help I will test
there is a command line to verify the good recongnition after install hardware ?

Be sure you have working known good restorable snapshot before attempting this.

sudo mhwd -r pci video-nvidia-dkms
sudo mhwd -i pci video-linux

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