Swapping to GNOME 40 from KDE

I was wondering if anyone has swapped from a KDE
dr460nized edition to Gnome 40, I guess I could just wing it with timeshift snapshots...

Is it just a matter of:
sudo pacman -S gnome


sudo systemctl enable gdm

sudo systemctl disable sddm

Then reboot to verify gdm and gnome.

I have a vague memory of some forum post warning against mixing KDE and Gnome on the same system. I know both these DE's handle a lot of lower layer components so I assume a whole bunch of KDE systemctl units would need to be disabled.

Anyone just seeing if anyone has swapped and is aware of any gotchas before I try.

try having 2 users, 1 for each desktop.

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And still as you say, you'll end up with services running that you don't need (from both installations). Could affect stability, but yes, you can do it.

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Thanks for the quick responses, awesome I'll give it a whirl today some time. I like the new changes to Gnome 40, hopefully won't be too difficult, famous last words I guess =)

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Be sure to post what you've done if you open a help request in the future.

The reason this type of modification is highly discouraged is that most people never think to mention what they've done when they experience issues down the road.

This makes for a support black hole as resources are wasted troubleshooting problems that are not easily diagnosed or fixed because of a FrankenDE install.

Please do not ask for assistance on the forum troubleshooting problems in the future (if you insist on doing this), as Garuda does not provide support for non standard installs such as this.


This is as good a case as any of the need to keep user data on a separate drive or partition or whatever. Sigh

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