Suppress "Possibly missing firmware for module" warning

Modules: aic94xx, wd719x and xhci_pci

I Know it from other Arch installs and also found a Workaround here.

Is it Possible to Suppress this Warnings if a User don't have the Hardware for it?
This "Bug" Exists since 2016 at Arch Linux and its Annoing always to get Warnings for Modules we don't care :wink:

Hope that you could Suppress it at Garuda Updates Routines.
I Know they write just don´t mind this warnings, But if i read warnings i get Headache ....

What about those (very few) that actually might need the modules?

Is it really so hard to simply ignore the errors?

Welcome to the forum, BTW.

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Suppress it if a User dont need it.... Yes its Hard, espacially if u are a new user and try to prevent errors. After Research u get it ( i dont need it cause i didnt have the Hardware) .... Research Time is waisted.

No offense, but It should only take 30 seconds to search the error and realize it is of no consequence.


There's an AUR package that will suppress those lines. Other than that, it is useless. Can't remember the name.


Maybe this


Well, a script could be written to remove "sd_mod? sr_mod? ", "scsi/.*ata' '" and "scsi|" from “/usr/lib/initcpio/install/block” and then executing "mkinitcpio --allpresets". Also insert "# " on line 2 of /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/50-sata.rules
This could then be added into Garuda assistant and/or setup assistant for those without SCSI.

The less redundant warnings there are, the more obvious legitimate/new warnings are. :woman_shrugging:

You should be able to just install those modules and they will then update with each update and they won't be missing.

Although it seems unnecessary. I just ignore then.

That introduces additional complexity which could cause issues down the line and more modules/firmware means more memory consumption and longer boot times.

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Oh ya, I realize it's not a great suggestion. But it would work.

I just ignore it

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