Support for old legacy hardware

I guess your cool work for the arch community.
Can you pls make only one x32 xfce(whatever de) image with kernel 4.14.
Based on repo for legacy hardware.
There some projekt like bluestar etc. but old hardware does not run with new kernel.

greetings Johnny

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Maybe there is hope :wink:


Thx for your answer
I prefer garuda style but maybe i have to try harder

I shared the link as a clue, it could help build the distro you want ... if it's your top priority. After all, the best ultimate is self-made.
You could try, it would also be great for the community. But not everyone has the time / skills.
And anyway, you can try other distros if not.

Until then, keep checking Garuda's forums, maybe someday someone will. :wink: