Sup peeps! Glad I found Garuda!

Hey guys, recently (last week) heard about Garuda for the first time on the Late night Linux Podcast and to hear Joe say positive things about a non Ubuntu non XFCE super plain distro was a HUGE thing and not normal for him, let alone to give credit to a customized KDE that he actually liked, I had to take a look and very impressed.

My laptop which has run everything and mainly a *buntu of some sort or Fedora last couple years is now up and running Garuda. I've run Arch before and a couple Arch based things in the past but typically not for long, usually at some point there's software or something that didn't want to work, wasn't in the AUR and had me going back, so we'll give it a try, so far very impressed with how it looks and performs (forget how fast Arch based stuff was).

Wife saw it and wants me to install on her laptop running Ubuntu proper, for her that's huge!

In short, good to be here.