Suggestion for organizing icons on desktop

Add this:
Fences (Letzte Freeware Version) - Download - CHIP

Anything I'm missing here? :thinking:


For me personally, this advertised tool is nothing more than snake oil.


This looks like spam to me. As for organizing shorts on the desktop simply create a folder wherever you want it and link the programs you want in it, No need of a 3rd party app.


@booblet , do you want to elaborate?


I keep a folder in my downloads and just just drag and drop from either Kwin or the app menu into the folder. Once the menu pops up I select link here. Then I just set that folder as my home folder in Dolphin.

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you don't need desktop icons if you have a file manager or dmenu/rofi/nwgmenu/etc. And considering this thing is freeware, it's just not appropriate :sweat_smile:


Isn't the idea with that, to organize files and folders on your desktop?
Isn't that what GUI folders are there for?
Or, just use GIMP and add a box figure to your background :smiley:
Or, even better, ditch computers and use office files :smiley: :smiley:

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