Suggestion : Default Config File in Repo or GIT

Most of new users would definitely be linux-noob. Making many people use Linux(learn, understand like in windows) is real achivement (Indirect motto of Linux/Open-source Not just about monopoly) Achieving new or benefitting as single person

Personalising, changing, modifying , installing, uninstalling on own definitely cause instability or unusable , but cannot be demotivated. Nothing can be learnt without making mistakes.

Like Troubleshooter in windows , luckily garuda just need config file and small scripts

So if anyone maintained default config files of main packages (such as latte, Pacman, mirror list ,system default like startup, splash/display screen, permission undo ) of each version

So if any broke system, this can be usefull in some cases. Making them solve their own problem and reduce burden on Dev/Other Users

Sounds easy, do it.

I just wonder why none of the developers have thought of this and only offer these pacnew files?


All of that is at GitLab. Click on it.


Thanks both🤝🏽

For Feedback👍🏾


For Solution/Idea :v:t4:

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