Stuck while installing

Hi sir,
My name is Shourya. I am having some issues while installing the LXQT-KWIN flavour, when I tried to boot with USB It shows welcome to garuda and when I click on the boot option It shows the garuda Linux logo and after 2 or 3 minutes It says ( [ 0.095003] _ _common_interrupt : 1.55 No irq handler for vector) and stuck there.

What should I do I can't even boot It to live session, how should I install it, please solve this issue as soon as possible.

What method did you use to flash the live boot disk?

Did you checksum the ISO to rule out errors?

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I use balena etcher's DD image mode.

After many failures I turned on virtualization technology in my laptop bios and tried to install again so, it stuck on the boot image.

Please answer all questions.

I never have saw this error.

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It doesn't seem to be a Garuda problem. More like motherboard/BIOS vendor problem.
There is a discussion about it. Most reports say it is not stopping boot, but a few say they can't.
You haven't given any info about your system.
Maybe try to update your BIOS, if available.
In the linked discussion, some users suggest a couple of possible boot parameters, that may help, but not always.
Virtualization is probably conflicting, so it should better be off.


Sir my laptop does not support live boot so how should I install garuda Linux in my laptop can you please resolve this matter

There is no magic to solve out sir.
I have suggested to try some boot kernel parameters (read the linked article) on the first ISO menu (grub menu).
If you can't do that, then Archlinux/Garuda is probably not for you. That's life... :man_shrugging: