Stuck on boot loader

edit: managed to get to a terminal. i think its just my pc without a gui.. now how to change kernel :upside_down_face:

after following this I changed my kernal to zen.

its okay and boots normaly but at some point I turn my pc off and now its stuck on booting in a very strange way.

after the mobo logo,
I see a message "welcome to grub" for a split seccond (this is as it always has been tho) and then im taken to


booting 'Garuda, on linux-zen'

error: sparse file not allowed.
Loading kernel linux-zen ...
Loading initial ramdisk ...

Press any key to continue...


either I press a key or wait a few secconds, and it goes into booting with the daemons and the green "OK" on the side, as usual, then gets stuck on one of them. its just stops and does nothing.
the last line, ever present, is not an error, but a green OK like the rest, and its "Finished - Deactivate Plymouth Boot Screen."

tho to note, there is no Plymouth screen at all. also it goes fast/ is a shorter list than usual. I dont think it does all the usual booting things .

Did you also install the matching GPU driver package, or kernel headers and DKMS GPU driver package?

Not having a correct GPU driver installed is pretty much the only reason you'd see this issue.

Luckily you can roll back to the previous snapshot and try again, while noting down exactly what steps you followed.

Although this time, you might also try the built-in kernel management application rather than relying on a third-party set of instructions for a subtly different distribution.


the boot application was not opening for me sadly.

and uh, how does one roll back to a snapshot from here?

maybe also worth mentioning that holding down shift or mashing escape key get me to the proper grub menu