Stuck at 'Loading initial ramdisk' while booting

I just updated the system with 'sudo pacman -Syu' and restarted the machine and fell in to above problem.
I am new to Garuda and please help me with the solution.

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Restore the snapshot and don't update until devs fix the issue. You can also update without sddm.

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..... Same problem with me.. Try re install now because i dont have any timeshift.. If you have timeshift you can rollback..

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So the solution is not to update right?

See also:


You can update, in this way:

pacman -Syu --ignore sddm

or (preferred imo):

pacman -Sy sddm-git && pacman -Syu

But it is not said that all the problems in the world are linked to that problem there.
I think you should also read well, if the above doesn't work, the post linked by Jonathon.


The mirror for India is not working. what should I do?
can I select any other country mirrors or is there any other solution?



Although Germany is a developing country in terms of internet connectivity, the servers are often quite strong. Try them out.

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I have the same problem that I stuck at "Loading initial ramdisk ..." I just installed Garuda Linux a few days ago, so I have no hesitation to re-install the system. But I wanna know if the cause of this trouble is sddm or not. And also, the proper way to get through this issue is to stop updating with "pacman -Syu" and wait for the dev's reaction against this?


yes , updating the linux will endup in the above error.
I think we should wait for the dev's response.

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hmm... ok. I can see some threads discussing the same problem. I'll wait and see how it goes.

Ah, wait. How should I know when and how the problem is fixed? :thinking: