Stuck at initial ramdisk

Too bad.
Sorry, I'm not that expert on DKMS issues (I'm just a moderator, not a developer), so I hope someone will jump in soon with suggestions.
From my side, I'd suggest in the meanwhile to try (via TTY):

  • garuda-update
  • install the linux-lts kernel
sudo pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers

and try to boot selecting that kernel in the grub (probably under advanced options).

  • provide garuda-inxi (from the system this time, not the USB)

thank you. dont you think its better to reinstall garuda? and if i do can i use nvidia driver?

thank you. dont you think its better to reinstall garuda? and if i do can i use nvidia driver?

For sure this is an option, if this is a recent install.
I see several users in the forum with your GPU (none with your exact laptop model).
Which ISO are you using? The latest official one is from 19-Oct-2022.
It happened in the past days that a couple of users unwillingly took a daily/development build and they were not functional.
I'm asking this because, again, that missing garuda-chroot is very strange.

its recent. its about a week. and if do should i go with nvidia drivers? opensource gets laggy

i think i downloaded before kernel 6 update

Take the latest, e.g. from here.
I see in the USB inxi you booted fine with proprietary drivers, so go for that option! You'll need them in the end anyway...

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Oops, I already edited it while I was reading through the thread. It's just so clunky to read without the formatting!


i reinstalled my garuda :slight_smile: can you tell me how i swtich my graphic driver safely and correctly? i already installed some apps i dont want to stuck on that initial ram disk page.
i apreciate it :slight_smile:

Our current procedure is here:

If this is what you meant.
If you meant how update drivers (and the system in general):


i have nvidia rtx 3060. i want to change driver from opensource to vidia drivers...

last time i did this stuck on inistial ram disk...

Ah OK. The tool is called HW assistant (Garuda Welcome - > Garuda Settings Manager - > Hardware Configuration)


i did and again i stuck on loading initial ramdisk. i used snap tool to restore my garuda. is there a way to install nvidia official driver and dont stuck on loading initial ramdisk?

I hope a Nvidia expert will jump in soon.
In the meanwhile, have you considered trying the linux-lts kernel and autoinstall the drivers again?
I remember not long ago of some Nvidia troubles with recent kernel version, but not being a Nvidia user I lost sight of those threads.


Last time i thought the problem might be my garuda installation. I reinstall my garuda and everything was fine untill installed nvidia driver and again stuck on loading initial ram disk :confused: hopefully this time i made a snapshot before installation and now i can restore my garuda. But problem still on. I cant use nvidia driver :confused: i really interested in garuda linux and mostly the design part but i cant fix this problem :frowning:

Before that, try also kernel boot parameter ibt=off and try autoinstalling again.


Im going to download nvidia driver and install it manualy this time. Everytime i tried auto install got stuck on loading initial ram disk. I let you know if this works fine :four_leaf_clover:

If you still have problems after this attenpt, consider this one.

A bug in the Garuda hooks related to mkinitcpio has just been fixed and will be available soon with a garuda-update.