Stuck after grub menu

So I've tried out garuda dragonized on my hp laptop and fell in love with it I have had zero issues other than my laptop being a slow paper weight. So I decided to go ahead and put it on my desktop to finally kick windows. I was running into nVidia driver issues so in the current gpu market I sold it to get an amd one and decided to upgrade my cpu as well, now I cannot get past the grub screen. All I can get is a text line saying arch instance is starting but never starts. Any ideas where to start. Ive updated bios for new cpu, as well as gpu. That is all that changed in my system
Ryzen 7 5800x
Radeon 6700 xt
32g gskill ram
Sabrent 1tb m.2 drive.

I decided to try other 2 linux distros mint and kubuntu. Mint will install with no issues but kubuntu will install and never reboot after.

Short, install from live-ISO
Long, boot live-ISO and chroot to the OS and remove nvidia driver and install free driver.


I'm trying to install from live iso

Use free driver :slight_smile:


I have. I wiped my drive after bios update to start with clean install so ther is no os on the system. Grub menu starts and I've tried using the Foss driver and also the Nvidia one even though I have a amd graphics card.


If no nvidea, do not use it. useless.
Did you see something, maybe mhwd in progress? up to 4 min. needed.

Without more info nobody can help.


Starting version 247.4-2-arch is all that displays

I'm trying to give you as much info as I can. I'm still quite new to linux I apologize.

Maybe the problem in your new BIOS. Or try in another HDD

In BIOS, secure and fastboot = off

Read garuda wiki


Thanks I thought that could possibly be an issue but I had originally installed it there but I will attempt that as well if I can get to that point.

Yes they are both off.

Check your BIOS for a setting like AHCI (select it if it is not).
Also check other BIOS settings. Look into BIOS manual page for info on each setting.

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I did double check that I had a raid set up previously which is another reason I wiped the drive. I've looked through the bios but can't seem to find any other issues. Maybe I did miss something but why would mint work fine and not garuda?

Mint will install with secure boot enabled Arch/Garuda will not.


Oh my god, just found out that I still use IDE mode. Guess I need to reinstall then

Ouch, that's a major... :man_facepalming:

You can probably just switch to the other mode with no ill effect.

I read that (at least in windows) it might corrupt your OS. And my current situation still requires a reinstall, as I will buy a new ssd soon.

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