Steam won't launch

Steam already used to be broken in beta but the problem now seems to be in stable. The relevant error should be:

libnm:ERROR:libnm-core/nm-settings-wireless-security.c:837:need_secrets: code should not be reached
Bail out! libnm:ERROR:libnm--core/nm-settings-wireless-security.c:837:need_secrets: code should not be reached

If you're using steam-native, that has been broken. Steam-runtime works, though.


I am using runtime and its broken. I've already learned a long time ago not to use the native version

Can't replicate.

Both steam and steam-native work fine for me. :confused:

Are you fully updated?


Luckily I found it myself I just needed the lib32-libnm package

Just confirming, you're saying that the steam package should depend on lib32-nm ?

Again, I can't replicate that...

It was added for steam-native-runtime, but then you say you're not using that?


I think i found a lead and something from the protonvpn libnm package seems to cause this dependency somehow i hit up their support and see where that leads to

I also just found out this Problem also persists over other arvh based distros

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