Steam was working fine.Now it will not launch games

I downloaded Steam and it was working fine then a few days ago it wouldn't launch the games.Very strange how it was working fine now its not .I have tried to uninstall it but i get an error saying i cant uninstall it.Any ideas please .I do not understand why you have marked my post as an error for being incomplete.I have explained what i have done .I have researched my problem on google,i have tried to uninstall the program .Please is there a way you can let people know why there posts get this error.Many thanks

I will explain Rob.

We understand you are a new Linux user, however that does not excuse making help requests that have zero possibility of ever being resolved. We get a lot of help requests and we only have a limited number of support staff. This has forced us to take a very hard line with users posing inadequate information on help requests. We do not have the time (nor inclination) to repeatedly attempt to pry this information out of every user that requests help. Having to pry information out of every user with a crow bar simply becomes too frustrating to deal with multiple times per day every day. For this reason a concerted effort is being made to ensure all help requests on the forum contain enough information to actually give assistants a reasonable chance of finding a solution. This new forum initiative has been put in place to remove unsolvable useless clutter from the main forum. Allowing posts to remain on the forum that are unresolvable because of a lack of information is of no benefit to any forum users. Worse yet, it only encourages other users who read these posts to post similar requests with woefully inadequate information. What you are doing is akin to calling 911 on your cell phone because your house is on fire, but refusing to provide your home address to receive assistance. If you want assistance you must provide the information required to actually assist you. Edit your OP to provide the information required to assist you.

Please read the Garuda wiki, specifically the the section pertaining to "Reporting bugs" for further information .