Steam games show this error message when trying to run them

idk if this info is already on here i tried to search it up on the internet but all i get are fixes for windows. basically im trying to run a steam game called “robo quest” and every time i run it it shows me this error message “the following components are required directx runtime” now does anyone have a fix for this? if so please do feel free to share.

You are trying to run a windows game in linux and it seems like it need the directx runtime. Use wine for this program. Also consider using heroic launcher to handle these games. Using heroic launcher has a few benefits,

  • It automatically creates a new wine prefix (path that stores data regarding your game such as the levels you have reached, dependencies you donwloaded like directx, dotnet, etc) and launches the game in that prefix so you essentially never need to launch your command line once you have properly setup and can just go to heroic launcher and press play.

    • Why using single (default) wine prefix is discouraged, well wine can break and if you need to reset it sometimes there is no other way than to delete it’s entire configuration folder which would affect your other games as well. So use different prefixes for different games.

    • Btw, a wine prefix is nothing but a folder where wine stores it’s config data.

Here is what you need to do, create a new empty folder that you will use to store your configs. Search how to install directx version you want using wine there. Eg,

WINEPREFIX="/full/path/to/dir/you/just/created" <wine-command-to-download-directx>

Then try to launch your game in this folder using,

WINEPREFIX="/full/path/to/dir/you/just/created" wine <path-to-game-executable>

Once you are up and running you can use heroic launcher to launch your game for you no need to open terminal and type command again and again, just tell it the wineprefix you created and point it to the executable and if it applies to you tell it to use your discrete graphics card.


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