Steam Forgets Password (chattr operation not permitted)

Hi guys

I currently have an issue with Steam forgetting my password.

I have found this link to the Arch wiki on the issue: Steam/Troubleshooting - ArchWiki

Which tells me to enter this into the terminal:

chattr +i ~/.steam/registry.vdf

This outputs:

chattr: Operation not permitted while setting flags on /home/joshthetofu/.steam/registry.vdf

This is the first time using chattr and I have searched the web for an answer but the only thing slightly relevant was enabling CAP_LINUX_IMMUTABLE in Docker start options, but this isn't Docker and I don´t know how to set start options for Garuda.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


Use "sudo" in front.

But it's home folder, do you have root folders in /home?


You should also read through the issue linked on the wiki page you read, possibly starting towards the end (Steam client doen't store credentials and settings · Issue #5030 · ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux · GitHub)


I had a similar problem with Steam. Solved by installing Steam from Flatpak and move library folder.

That's not really a solution - Steam from the repos should (and does) work.


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