Steady as she goes

Imagine sitting at home, when a delivery van pulls up and the guy hands you a totally unexpected parcel from 'The Dream Foundation', which turns out to be the perfect gift - all for free!

This is what I always wanted:

*A preconfigured, GUI install, Achlinux based, drop-dead gorgeous, distro!
*All the bells and whistles I wanted, plus loads I never knew about, but which I couldn't do without now.

But that's not all!

*A forum where I seem to just settle immediately (after a forums abscence of 15 years)
*A triage-type help system, where intial diagnosis is Telegram, then the forum, running on Discourse, where I can start to pay-forward by donating time to help with simple, noob-type problems, leaving the Devs/Team/skilled members free to pick up the more challenging issues. I can search the solved threads and follow along, learning more ever day.

Am I smitten? So much so, I come downstairs each day since that delivery, with a huge grin on my face, itching to logon and get to work!

My thanks to all Devs, Team and members - aka 'The Dream Foundation', for making this the best gift ever.

Any suggestions? - just one...

'Steady as she goes' Steady as she goes - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Thanks, guys!


Im really glad to hear this :grin:


It gives Nico more time to develop his Elon Musk version. (snicker)

P.S. I love developers--my spouse are one. They can be...


So nice to hear you're greatly enjoying the new "gift" @Stroke_Finger . Your contributions on the forum have been greatly appreciated in your short time here. We could use a lot more users exactly like yourself participating on the forum.

In an effort give users lurking in the background more opportunities to contribute I've taken somewhat of a step back from responding to help requests of late. Hopefully, even more users with time to spare will jump in with more open opportunities available to respond to questions.

Hopefully as more users start to participate with helping out, this will free up more time for the developers to improve Garuda. The more helpers participating on the forum, the more the distro will be getting more new exciting features and improvements. Providing support on the forum requires a lot of time out of the devs already busy day. The more the support time is spread around, the more everyone using the distro will benefit.

To those like yourself already helping out, many thanks. To those lurking on the sidelines wanting to help out, now is the time to jump in.We won't bite your head off if your suggestions are a little off base. The only way you learn is by participating. The only time you will be criticized for attempting to help is if your advice is downright dangerous or will impact the system in a very negative way. Even then, we understand mistakes will be made. Unless there was malicious intent (very rare) we fully appreciate any and all effort to help. The only way you get to become an expert is by jumping in and starting the hands on learning process assisting others.

Thanks again to those already helping out, and here's a big open invitation to others to join in as well.


@tbg You're too - I mean it, ya nearly misted me up there.

It just so happens, by a stroke of luck ( @Yorper see what I did!), I happen to have plenty of spare time, so all I have to do, is drag this wreck out of bed and shamble it downstairs @c00ter will tell you...gravity sure does help!

I think it the very least I could do to pay back the team that got me here.


I'm lazy, I would carry the PC upstairs (once) to save me running downstairs. But is the bathroom upstairs or also downstairs? The kitchen will be downstairs. Also the living room. So I would leave the PC where it is and make the living room the bedroom. Climbing stairs is hard on the knee joints. On the other hand, a rolling stone gathers no moss :wink:

(On the other hand, you snooze, you rust. )


Yeah I feel the same way on this distro. Although I have to say that I won't be on here all the time - where I work in the grocery business in Produce. I'll try to be on Telegram when I have a break at work. If not on that, then I'll be here when I can.

I hear ya on getting older. I'm two years away from being 50. Any time I get up at work, my joints snap and crack. The younger ones around me look at me as if they never heard that before. I tell them, "Yeah. I no longer need Rice Crispies to hear snap, crackle and pop in the morning!" They usually laugh along with me on that one.:slight_smile:

Pleasure to meet you here. Look forward to helping on this distro.


Nobody has to pay back anything with Garuda. Garuda is a completely "guilt free" distro. By this I mean we do not pressure anyone to give money or time to the distro as compensation for using Garuda.

My posts regarding users volunteering on the forum is not an attempt to guilt users into doing so. It is simply to let users know they don't need to fear being judged if their knowledge level is not anywhere near a Linux guru. The learning process is slow but you need to dip your toes first to fully immerse yourself in how an Arch based distro works.

Everyone is more than welcome to contribute on the forum. Don't the let fear of looking inexperienced deter you. Everyone must start somewhere. While I can be very harsh on users that are lazy, I am never one to criticize those attempting to help others. That is how you build a community and we welcome anyone with open arms that has a desire to help others.


I can't echo the above statement enough. Go outside your comfort zone.

There's no ticker-tape parade. No big bucks, either. But the knowledge you gain and the fun you have doing it go way off the self-satisfaction scale. :wink:

I'm Linux Forum Emeritux at this point in my life and Linux journey. Like @mandog, I'll jump in once in a while, but am mostly here for the free zkittles & beer. And giving @mandog the mickey. :wink:

You'll know you've reached that point when you start wondering, on a regular basis, WTF that helper-user was and when did they join? :smiley:

Excellent attitude! Now get back to work! :smiley:

regards to all


Like the title says "Steady as she goes" Without wanting to offend i think its more boredom why we visit :zzz: :zzz:


And visiting old friends. Speaking of which, how have you been, you ol' mutt? :smiley:

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Wandering around Linux land looking for you