Stacer app ( cleaning app) is using 100% of the Cpu

after installing garuda gnome , when i launch the stacer app ,it uses the full cpu ,
and yesterday i did a clean install of the os , but in vain , i'm getting the same issue with stacer
even i'am updating the system
How could i fix this issue , ?

  1. Where inxi
  2. What version are you running? There was a known problem which was fixed a long time ago
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Give it a few minutes and see if it comes down.

If you can put some meaningful notes together, it might be helpful to chime in on this issue:


My sincere advice to you would be to uninstall that app. It's simply bloat and buggy, at least to me. It has no justification taking more time to launch it's splash screen than the time required by a office suite to load up and become usable.


stacer 1.1.0-1.1

ok ,

after starting cpu usage went to 100% and but the app is not showing , it jus t running in the background , after ~ 4 mn i t was ready and the cpu usage went down to 20 ... ,

Yeah , I think that would be the Good solution

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