Spin, Spin, Spin, and Spin some more

1.0.20 work not for me.

Someone test it too?

So 1.0.20 finally made it out and Garuda isn’t loading from it? I’ll download in a bit and test here. I’ll post back what I get. On a side note lets please not lock topics that there is a fair chance we will need again. Thanks

@SGS @librewish OK Did a clean install of Ventoy 1.0.20, added my ISO’s, rebooted, attempted Garuda Manjaro and EndeavourOS/ Of the 3 Garuda was the only one that just sat there spinning. I really don’t know at this point what they did.

Do one of you two feel like removing @Ssphincter 's completely out of line post below this one. Thanks

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You’re one insufferable little :poop: aren’t you?


It was closed automatically by forum software.

If the software solve 1.0.20 the problem, the topic can be closed.
If not I / we open the thread, where is the problem?


We have unfortunately found that your contributions often consist of instructions to demands.
We ask you to refrain from doing so in the future.
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