Spectacle region capture only works once after reboot

After updating recently, I started to run into some problems with Spectacle. Specifically, after a fresh reboot, Spectacle region capture to clipboard works once, then after that, it gives the appearance of working, but does not copy to the clipboard. I have to open Spectacle itself, then it starts working again. I start the capture using a key combination trigger (Meta-Shift-Prtscrn). Previous update made it not work at all. Doing some searching on google, ran across a thread here that mentioned changing clipboard configuration by unchecking "ignore images". That got it working in its current state.

Not sure how to find my exact version of Garuda. This is a 3 month old install of Dragonized rolling, last updated 4/12/2021. If I can provide more info, please let me know. And sorry for my noobness, this is my first attempt at a Linux Desktop.

cat /etc/os_release

PRETTY_NAME="Garuda Linux"

Spectacle Version

 ╰─λ pacman -Q spectacle
spectacle 20.12.3-1

Although it works for me, there is a bug at KDE tracker.