Specific folders per activity

Hi! For some days I have been trying to find out how I can set up my activities to each have their specific folders, files, url links etc.
Some seem to stick to one activity when I set them up. Others appear on others, not always on all. I can't figure out the logic.
On my default activity I have a number of folders which I don't want to on the additional activities. How can I get that?

Do the different activities have different sub-folders of desktop? That would enable me to save a file to a specific activity when I 'save as ...'

Or don't I understand what the activities are really about? I have done quite a bit of reading and searching, but I don't seem to find an up-to-date description.

@alexjp made something that I believe makes this possible, check it out:

It came up recently in the discussion here: Hidden Features in KDE You May Not Of Known - #16 by alexjp


Great! I will try it tomorrow. And Merry Christmas!

Well, seems that is too high for me. I downloaded a zip file from GitHub. And then? What do I do with the files it contains? I have not tried this kind of tweaking my Linux before....

I have to admit it isn't really "work out of the box" ready. documentation is severely lacking :slight_smile:

I may work on it to improve it, maybe with a config file.

Anyway, you can try it easily by yourself:

try to launch an app on a terminal with the help of the following launcher script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

bwrap --dev-bind / / \
 --bind /$HOME/.local/share/kactivitymanagerd/activities/$(activities.id) $HOME \
 --bind /$HOME /$HOME/Home \
[email protected]

Be sure to have this file: activities_work/activities.id at main · alexjp/activities_work · GitHub in your PATH. ( so that it detects your activity id automaticly ).

then if you do that "launcher konsole" , for example, it should launch a specific konsole for that activity.

Its that all (just a basic using of bwrap from flatpak to relocate the activity folder into home).

the scripts i have on github is a way to manage all the "sync of config files"... but I just noticed that I have my home "/home/alex" hardcoded in some places.

give it a try this "easy method". if you are really keen on trying this, I can "clean up my scripts" to be completely generic (the goal of the scripts is for me to try this "behaviour" and then try to get it into kde proper)