Some things about garuda kde barebones

Hello guys.
I'm back!!!!

wanted to say 3 things about barebones(not anything major but just some QOL):

  1. in the application menu, the "reboot to uefi" menu's detail is written as "neustart im uefi modus" I think it should be in english

  2. in the application menu, the "setup assistant" menu's detail is written as "first setup and upgrade to ultimate" which doesnt made sense to me because I think it is something related to old garuda ultimate version

  3. I seen that my ram usage was around 1.6/3.7 gigs and swap was already been used to 700M, so i got to know the default swappiness value of barebone was 133 isn't it very high like default arch is 60 and optimized value for 4gigs and more ram is 10 (and 4gb is the minimum everyone should run garuda with) so maybe change the default value?
    (FYI iso used was garuda-kde-barebones-linux-lts-211109.iso)

Kde barebones had been great.

No, it's set correctly for zswap/zram.