Some notes about shells settings


Some minor details about the shell settings in Garuda: zsh and fish


  • zsh seems to be missing "home+end" keys and "ctrl+{home,end}" and "alt+{home,end}" keys on the default config.

see here my config: PrivateBin , with those keys enabled ( part is from archwiki, but added the alt keys also )


  • could it be possible to move the sourcing of the .fish_profile to the bottom? so I can override some of the configs and alias ?
  • also, since fish doesn't have ctrl+r, could mcfly be included by default? mcfly is a great history search in rust, for all shells ( similar to starship and zoxide )

Ideally i would like to try not deviate to much from default settings on garuda, only "append" to them, so that when updates to the garuda settings come, i could just copy from the skell and updates settings.

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Make a merge request on gitlab about these changes.


will do !

i am thinking of making 2 merge requests: one just for the zsh keys

another one for enabling mcfly for fish ( and zsh and bash, so that they are all the same settings like now ) , but before I have to has dragonized to make a mcfly package ( it does exist in aur ).

ok with you ?

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Yeah no problem just add the McFly in depends in pkgbuild we will add it in chaotic

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just added the first merge request.

please let me know if the "procedure" of making merge requests is correct for you ( or if you want me to open issues before, or need more info, etc )