Solving VapourSynth plugins packaging problem

This isn’t really a Garuda problem, but an issue that is yet unresolved in Linux in general. The reason I’m posting it here is because Chaotic-AUR is the closest solution, which was made by the Garuda team.

VapourSynth is a great video processing and editing scripting engine. It also has great Linux support. The problem is installing plugins. Currently, the recommended approach is to use Arch and install tons of different AUR packages, some of which have 3GB dependency (CUDA) for a small plugin. Installing a whole bunch of semi-maintained and oudated AUR packages is the best way to make a dependency hell and make your system unstable and hard to update.

Even for chaotic-aur all those plugins are a little bit too fickle. Plus, there are no solutions for other distros.

First question, is chatic-aur something that could be easily duplicated but for VS plugins, or it’s a really complicated system? It’s something that would have to be easy to maintain continually as plugins get updated.

Second question, are there any auto-building solutions that create repos for all distros at the same time?

It’s not something I’d want to implement myself, but if there’s a good solution that can be implemented, perhaps someone would decide to do it.

I have to correct this statement, it’s not made by us but by @pedrohlc. We do have an overlap of team members and also provide a part of it’s infra, but essentially it’s still it’s a project on it’s own with a different origin :slight_smile:

The code (all bash scripts) is available online, so yeah you can duplicate it given you want to spend time understanding how it works and maintaining it.

We are working on a new improved version since a while though, which improves a lot of aspects the current solution lacks.


Would it technically be feasible to expand it to build AUR into DEB/NDF repos too?

Or heck, even Windows/MacOS builds.

Technically: probably. Would anyone be willing to do it? Absolutely not, I guess. You’d likely be better off coding a completely different solution for those use cases since packaging formats are quite different.

There are no ready-made solutions that takes source code and provides repos in the various formats? I’d think it would be a pretty common need.

Major corporations provide their repos for the various systems, do they re-invent the wheel each time?