[Solved] Bad Screen Recording in Garuda Cinnamon Lite

When I use any screen recorder the saved video looks terrible. The background intermittently flashes through any window I have open, rendering it unwatchable. Even the Cinnamon screen recording applet does this. I researched the forum and found other instances of this issue. The popular solution is to adjust compositor settings, but I don't seem to have a compositor! If anyone has a fix handy I'd be grateful. I've been tinkering with it for hours and I'm out of ideas.

What video card do you have? And what driver are you using?

Intel/ASRock integrated graphics (i3-9100) kernel driver i915.

and the software you used is cinnamon screen recorder or something else as well?

Cinnamon applet, Simple Screen Recorder, and Vokoscreen. All same result.

I found some old chat that makes me think this is a cinnamon-specific bug that's been around for years. One suggestion was to restart cinnamon (ctrl+alt+esc). Another was to kill the Nemo desktop. I tried both. It didn't help.

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Maybe you know but if not, long list of issues


I blew out Garuda Cinnamon and replaced it with Garuda xfce. That fixed it!


I've continued to study the screen recording problem I'm having with Garuda Cinnamon.

For my first experiment I booted up Mint Cinnamon and turned on Simple Screen Recorder. The saved MP4 was flawless.

Next, I installed the cinnamon desktop on MX Linux and recorded the screen using Simple Screen Recorder. Again, no problems.

Just out of curiosity, I ran Simple Screen Recorder on Garuda xfce. The saved video looks perfect.

Finally, I installed the cinnamon desktop on Garuda xfce and ran Simple Screen Recorder. To my chagrin, the recorded MP4 is awful. The wallpaper randomly flashes or flickers right through anything that is open above it. This effect is visible only in the recording. The desktop itself looks fine when I'm using it.

I've Googled this problem extensively and found only scraps of information, mostly in the form of archived chat on other forums. The best I can gather is that it is a cinnamon bug that goes back several years.

Effective solutions from these archived chats include adjusting compositor settings, adjusting window manager settings, and changing OpenGL settings.

At the moment all 3 of these options are over my head. I don't know where the settings for these are located or how to edit them safely. There are too many files related to "muffin" and "clutter". I have no idea which one to try to reconfigure. OpenGL? Not a clue!

I'm not complaining--I'm learning. Apparently the worst thing that a person can be on this forum is a "help vampire". I don't want to be one of those. I have no intention of giving up and moving on to something easier. Garuda is fascinating, and cinnamon is my favorite DE. I'm going to keep picking at this as long as it takes. Of course--if anyone discovers a solution before I do, feel free to share. I promise I won't vamp out on you!

Merry Christmas!


Today I tried Garuda cinnamon with a cheap USB hardware capture device. I used the screen recording feature in VLC Media Player as well as the guvcview webcam app. In both cases the captured video was more than satisfactory with no evidence of the flickering artifacts that plague Simple Screen Recorder. So that's one work-around. Use a video capture device!