[SOLVED] Aqualung problem

I depend on the Aqualung music player to do a weekly radio show. I had to reinstall (don't ask) and Aqualung wouldn't start. Running from the terminal returned "error while loading shared libraries: libFLAC.so.8: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory."

Looking in /usr/lib I found several libFLAC libraries, and one was libFLAC.so. I entered
sudo mv libFLAC.so libFLAC.so.8

And Aqualung works.

It looks like it needed to be rebuilt. I've added aqualung to Chaotic-AUR for you. You can run sudo pacman -S chaotic-aur/aqualung to get that version, and you should be fine in the future just running garuda-update normally.

In the future, this can be fixed through a bump on Chaotic's side. You can post about any future problems like this here: GitHub - chaotic-aur/packages: The packages Mason, what do they mean? (Package requests and bug reports here) 📑 or here.

You should move that file back where it came first!


error: target not found: aqualung

EDIT: Ran update and it refreshed the Chaotic repo, and Aqualung was there. Thank you so.

And I got the libFLAC file renamed to the original.

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