Software installation issue

Hello Garuda,
Im facing an issue, when i try to install any new software then showing a message
Please let me know how can i fix this issue and the second thing is when i record my screen by OBS then my screen fluctuates continuously. i have attached the video.

Post in text in a post.
If the text lines are a lot, use Garuda Bin service.

If you are using Wayland, try Xorg.
Post info, as advised in the initial topic intro message.


The first thing you were warned by the Forum Rules was to attach/post the output of inxi -Fxxxa to your help request. If you don't know how to properly do so, search the forum.

You hinder the ability of other users to help you, when you don't abide by forum rules.



sudo pacman -Syyu

Also, you don't have to take screenshot / make video. Just paste text shown and we will most likely understand.