Snapshot restore issue

What happens if your user password is different from the admin password?
Just asking.

No.......... don't suggest that.

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Ok ok :slight_smile: I said it was a bad idea..I will withdraw the suggestion.

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Not actually. The normal way is using sudoers
Uncomment the 2nd one

## Uncomment to allow members of group wheel to execute any command
# %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL

## Same thing without a password

But better use a dropin


I realize this topic is 11 months ago. And I am new to Garuda Linux and the forums, but I ran across this error today and thought I would mention at least for me what was causing it and how I resolved it.

I got the exact same admin access required message on my screen when logging in as mentioned here.

At the time when I got the message I had just changed the swappiness settings in the file "/etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl-performance-tweaks.conf", I changed it from 133 to 20, after I changed the swappiness settings I shut down my PC and turned it back on and that's when I got the admin access required message.

What is weird is that I changed the swappiness back from 20 to 133 and shut down and powered on the PC and the message went away, why I don't know. Maybe timeshift saw the change from 133 to 20 and it was perceiving by timeshift that the snapshots were trying to be accessed from another account? I'm guessing and by no means an expert on anything.

So I checked permissions for the file I mentioned "/etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl-performance-tweaks.conf" and ofcourse it was owned by root as it probably should be. So what I did was I used chown to take possession of the file, changed the group to my name group, then I changed the value of swappiness in that file to 20 like I wanted it to be instead of 133 and shut down and powered on my PC and no longer get the message.

Everything seems to be working fine, and I hope I explained everything right, but I thought I would mention in case it might be relevant or help someone.

BTW I mentioned "Shut Down" my pc, I mean using the action button shut down, I have an issue right now with using restart but I know the cause of the problem, it goes back to my USB audio device not power cycling using restart. Either way not a big deal for me.

UPDATE : Went back and changed my swappiness to the default of 133 after doing a little reading here on the forums. Performance of my PC is without a doubt better.