Snapper Backup Path

I am trying to figure out how to add a new "backup path". I would prefer to have my snaps on my 2nd drive that I have mounted. However, it doesnt seem to show up in the backup path dropdown? Anyone know how I can achieve this? I would rather have my backups on a seperate drive in case my primary drive fails.

Snapper and Timeshift are not backup programs.
BTRFS snapshots are system-dependent stored on the / drive.

For backups use rsync, borg, backintime or whatever.

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When you take snapshots they are by definition stored in the same volume as the original data.

If you want to have them on a second device, you need to replicate the snapshots there. If you search around there are many scripts/programs built by others to automatically replicate snapper snapshots

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Ok cool I will look into that thanks everyone!


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