Snapd issues

I desire a "re-incarnated" email client called Newton. It is only available via the Snap-Store, but I'm unable to get it to work with Snap. I've tried installation of snap instructions via the Snap website, and via the newton website, but am unable to install newton and get it to work. Mainly the issue is that snapd, when installed on Garuda cannot find it's core18 (which is installed along with newton when doing an snap install newton) despite it showing up when doing a 'snap list' Has anybody had any luck with snapd on Garuda?

Newton is closed software?

Snap are not supported by Garuda.



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That's interesting because Garuda advertises support for flatpak and snapd via pamac-all. This functionality was introduced October last year.

We recommend pamac for searching apps, this does not mean that we support the google-earth included in it.

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We decided to drop it lately as we have Chaotic-AUR. That doesnt mean it wont work at all, you will have to build snapd yourself from AUR and do the work yourself then.
Anyway, even before this happened snapd & flatpak were clearly flagged unsupported in the wiki for quite some time now :slight_smile:
Might be time to switch to an available alternative? :eyes: