Small fonts are wird in colouring

There's something odd going on with the fonts: small text appears "rainbowy". I've tried changing the hinting options under 'Appearance' but nothing changed. It just seems to happen when fonts get relatively small and especially on a dark background.

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Normally subpixel hinting is disabled for very small font sizes to prevent that - it might be somewhere in the DEs font settings?


i have the same problem . I have think i broke something bec i try many things :slight_smile: so i decided to make a fresh install . After fresh install all fine then i make the first update and reboot and again the colors crazy . on conky its green and other like rainbow


Just chiming in that I am experiencing this as well. I noticed this on Wednesday after an update and the only
changes made on my fresh install were through updates. For me it's far more pronounced while viewing
a web page with a white background. It doesn't always matter if the text is large or small.

try this

mv ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf  ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf.bak
fc-cache -fv

Doing that and a reboot did the trick. Thank You for that!


This solved it, yes! Aaand, yet again @librewish saves the day :cowboy_hat_face:

I'd like to know more as to why this fixed it. If someone can explain, I'd appreciate it!

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Welcome to the family! :raised_hands:

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I noticed this on Mate lite today and this did fix the problem. :+1: