Slow speeds on chaotic AUR

Hi all,

I am having slow speeds downloading from the chaotic aur, can someone confirm the latest list of mirrors?
The website lists a "healthy" mirror in Singapore which i would usually get great speeds too (im in Australia) but when i update the mirror list within the OS it doesnt find that server? They all seemed to be located in europe of south america which i am getting terrible speeds to <800KB/s.

Any ideas?

Hmm, that is strange. I do see what you are seeing in the map here: Chaotic-AUR Map

It shows the Singapore mirror is healthy, but then if you check the mirrorlist it is just not in there.

It looks like the next-closest (geographically) mirror to you might be Naman's in India. Try to comment out the other mirrors and see if you get any better performance from those.

micro /etc/pacman.d/chaotic-mirrorlist

Comment out the other servers in the file except these and test again:

# India
# * By Naman (Kaithal)
Server =$repo/$arch
# * By Albony <>
Server =$repo/$arch
# * By: BRAVO68DEV <>
Server =$repo/$arch

More here: Choosing the right mirror for Chaotic-AUR | Garuda Linux wiki


Thanks for that, i did already have a play around by removing some of the mirrors but did not think to remove all except the one i was going to use exclusively.

Tried the Indian servers and didnt really get any improvement, have now set them to the french servers and have got some improvement but still not amazing.

Just a general question, how does the chaotic mirror list get updated? Will it be part of the process when running garuda-update ?

just don't remove any mirror, and restore it to original. You can find it here

The first server, that is geo mirror one, will automatically select the best mirror for you.

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It sounds like that is not happening, which is why manually configuring a mirror might be more effective–as described here: Choosing the right mirror for Chaotic-AUR | Garuda Linux wiki

Any idea why the Singapore mirror would be missing from the updated mirrorlist, despite showing as “healthy” in the map?

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Can you try using the$repo/$arch again and see if anything has improved?


Wait a minute, do you know that download speed in pacman is shown in KiB ( Kibibits ) / s. So, 800KiB/s is roughly 6.5 mbps

Also, how much speed are you expecting? Like how much speed do you get in speed test?


Ok i have re-enabled this server and will see how it goes :slight_smile:

Ah i see i did not realise that I just assumed it was Kilobytes per second, I would be expected around 90 megabits per second.

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