Slow Internet speed on Garuda Linux Qtile

I use only my cable and my internet service provider says that download-upload speed is around 100 mbps, according to our contract. Other devices (including one windows laptop and one windows PC) consume at least 1 mbps, sometimes throttling to small kbps.
My internet connection is around 50-200 kbps when I install packages using pacman or picom. Sometimes websites also have a long loading time, tested only in Firefox. But when I use Openspeedtest, it says the following:openspeedtest results2
What I already tried:

  1. Force-updating everything (sudo pacman -Syyu)
  2. Turning on and off UFW
  3. Manually installing kernel module for my Realtek 8168 from AUR
  4. Reconnecting to my network
  5. Rebooting
  6. Disabling MAC adress randomization in Garuda network Assistant
  7. Changing my mirrors using Garuda Assistant

My inxi -Fxxxza output

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According to your test Internet speed is fine. The reason pacman or pamac slow downloading could be you using slow mirrors. To refresh mirrors open reflector-simple application and select three option (i) Worldwide (ii) Germany (iii) and your country. It will refresh the mirrors.


I already did that.

Is slow speed only in pacman/pamac or everywhere ?


Check your local network speed first.
If you have another PC, or even smartphone in the same network, try to download a large file and measure the time with your watch, and check what is reported in System Activity network activity.
If this is slow, then it is your system's issue. If not, it's from your router and outside.

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Right now firefox is fine, downloads with proper speeds.

Guys, please read what I post. I already said that both other computers with windows on it download everything better than this machine.

Thanks for the note.
I have read it.
My advice is the same. Eliminate possible reasons with a specific order. Since you have other PCs it should be easy.

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Alright, this was the issue of slow russian servers. I tried german and now everything is blazingly fast. I am surprised how this bul!*&%^ even appeared in my mirrorlist, when there are faster yandex servers. Anyways, thanks!

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As I said in my first reply you shoud select German servers :wink: