Skel issue after latest update

In the latest update there have been some /etc/skel updates as well.
When I want to copy these updates over to my home directory I get an error:

❯ cp -rf /etc/skel/.config ~/
cp: cannot overwrite non-directory '/home/eljejer/.config/falkon' with directory '/etc/skel/.config/falkon'

What to do in this case?

❯ ls -la .config/falkon                                                         34%   300 Mbps  ─╯
lrwxrwxrwx 1 eljejer eljejer 29 okt.  29 11:04 .config/falkon -> /run/user/1000/eljejer-falkon

Dear Garuda developers, @SGS @librewish @tbg @dr460nf1r3, can you help me with this issue maybe? I don't use fallon browser. Maybe just delete the symbolic link in .config then?

0,05 sec. search in WWW :slight_smile:

CASE 1 You get this error when you try to copy a file (source) that has the same name of a directory (destination).

CASE 2 You get this error when you try to copy a symlink (source) in a directory (destination) where there is already an object with the same name.


Manually remove the object from destination path (or move, or rename), then copy the object from the source path.


This is most probably caused by our recent addition of profile sync daemon. I dont know why it creates the falkon directory if there is no falkon installed, but there is an easy way to get rid of the folder.

micro ~/.config/psd/psd.conf

uncomment the line containing BROWSERS= and add your used browsers to the list.
In my case thats BROWSERS="chromium firefox".

systemctl --user restart psd 

and the folder should be gone :slight_smile: