Should I change to amdgpu drivers?

I have an AMD Radeon 520 Mobile in my Laptop (an SI card), it uses the radeon drivers by default and on other distros I always switched to the amdgpu driver because I needed Vulkan support but on Garuda I can use Vulkan even though I'm on the radeon drivers, should I switch to the radeon drivers anyway or would it decrease performance?

I don't think there's a definitive answer here - you'd need to try it and see.


Totally depends on your use case and kernels, I would suggest install the linux-lts kernel and testing out both for a week minimum, If your priority is gaming and you are good at crisis management use the default kernel, as the lts one's priorities are poles apart from zen

I didn't write about Zen Kernel vs LTS Kernel, I wrote if I should use the radeon or amdgpu driver.

I can read that, quite vividly.
What i meant was these 2 kernels have different set of stabilities. lts is much more stable than zen and provides a good testing grounds.

In my case, the performance is almost the same, amdgpu driver might sometimes give 1, 2 fps more. amdgpu drivers are better maintained and works better with newer games.

Have a look at this article. It's from 2019 but it should still be a good read.

And Don't forget about Feral's Gamemode, it definitely adds to the performance

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