Sheer convenience of searching the forum

I was restoring a timeshift backup (the latest 5.12.13 kernel has a problem that makes AMD cards run at 90-100%) and for the first time restoring like this, GRUB died.

I wasted a lot of time looking up the error (grub_calloc not found) and finding solutions that were for other issues. Not sure why I did that, becauseā€¦

When it finally occurred to me to search this here forum, the first hit was exactly the solution. Perfect and clear and ever so handy. Such a time saver. :orange_heart:Thank you, Garuda devs and enthusiasts!:yellow_heart:


There are many subtle tricks that are not so obvious for refining your search hits on the forum as well.

I'll post a couple of tricks and hopefully others can add more.

Say your're looking for a post about "Broadcom wifi" I'd responded to, but you could not remember the thread title.

You could use the advanced search tools and query:

Broadcom wifi @tbg

This search could possibly return a lot of hits, so you might want to narrow down the search parameters further.

Say you remembered the post you were looking for had been resolved. Now you could simply search the solved threads:

Broadcom wifi @tbg in:solved

Also, if you knew the post you were looking for was fairly recent you could select the drop down menu in the advanced search "Sort By: Latest Post". This will order the posts from most recent to oldest in the search output making finding the post you are looking for much easier.

There are other tricks that can be used, but I'll leave it for others to add their favorites.


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