Shared permissions


Question about permissions and multiple distros. When I had Garuda installed before if I gave ownership to active user via Dolphin's root action menu in Garuda or Manjaro I lost that ownership in the other distro and had to give it back to myself once I booted to that distro. As I stated in a past thread this use to never be an issue in Linux regardless of how many distros were installed regardless of their base OS. Now as I remember from that thread supposedly that issue was to be resolved when a new Garuda ISO was released. So my question is has this been resolved? If it helps I've listed how Gary's OS's will look after I've finished the installs. Thanks

Manjaro already on a sata SSD
Windows 10 on the front half of a M.2
Garuda on the second half of the same M.2 as 10

Yeah its resolved the issue was with uid


COOL much appreciated.

You don't need to reinstall just to change the users UiD. I have changed my UID several times with Garuda when they had the Guest account set as 1000.

It's not a reinstall. I am running EndeavourOS and nothing else. My roommate is currently running Manjaro on a sata SSD and Win 10 on a M.2. I'll be wiping the M.2 and doing a fresh install of 10 and then Garuda on it. Have him keep using Manjaro till I get Garuda fully setup to his liking then remove Manjaro. I just wanted to make sure if I give the active user permission to a drive / partition in Garuda the permissions don't get changed in Manjaro.