(SGS will not reply) there is a wallpaper happy "happy diwali" with SGS logo (CLUTTER)

i really wanna know what is the meaning of the logo and the name

I am assuming you PM'ed SGS.

Generally, it is considered poor form to PM the distro Devs unless it is a matter of utmost urgency. This might include issues such as a boot breaking bug or perhaps a new zero day security issue. Otherwise please refrain from PMing distro Devs.

They have enough on their plate without being spammed by 700 forum users.

If you did not PM him, then please excuse my presumption.


This one?

The meaning of the logo is the eagle head in stylized form include the letter G for Garuda.

You can also find it in neofetch and paleofetch respectively.

Librewish and I also use it additionally as our avatar because Garuda Linux is our baby :slight_smile:

The name? Happy Diwali? just google it or :duck: :duck: :running_man: :wink:

And it's questions like this that made me lock PM, what about it is private?
If it's private I would not answer it even in a PM :smiley:

It might be of interest to others too so I answer here in public :slight_smile:


And I guess you are from India :india:, right ?

I must say that you know the meaning of Diwali as well as Garuda and are making sure that you're right.

So, yes Diwali refers to Indian festival and Garuda means eagle. You are right



i was talking about the SGS logo and "SGS" this name not "diwali"

well happy new year to all of you

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