Setup Assistant Broken after Syu - Missing Executable Permissions

I had to resinstall KDE Dragonized today for non-specific reasons. I reinstalled on a clean partition from a boot image made about a month ago.

I loaded up the Garuda Setup Assistant and had it update the Mirror list based on my location (I do USA and Canada) and then had it do a Syu for me. After the Syu finished the assistant closed. Everytime I click on the Set-up Assistant from the Garuda Welcome nothing happens. When I try to run from the application list, it gives me the below error:


I restarted, and even tried another fresh install and the same behavior happens. I also verified the Execute box is checked under permissions.

I didn't see anything posted on the forum regarding this so I figured I'd ask. If there is a workaround or anything please let me know. Id rather not have to install each app I need one by one and like the assistant!

UPDATE: I tried a freshly downloaded boot install of 210202 suggested by @SGS, and the same results occurred. Once I performed the Syu the application is missing Execution Permissions.

Thank you.

Why you do not use a fresh version?

Read also wiki "Reporting bugs"
and post full ISO name, nobody knows what be one month ago means.

Why you do not use a fresh version?

I already had the boot ready and figured I would just Syu up. I am dling the most recent version now and will try yet another reboot.

Okay so I tried this on 210202, same results. After Syu the setup assistant is missing an executable permission.

Did you do

sudo pacman -Syu


Yes, as I posted I did. If you mean did I try and do another Syu afterwards, yes. I also just tried to uninstall and reinstall the garuda-setup-assistant using pacman. It still wont open with the same error as originally posted.

I am pretty sure the current version that is available on the chaotic-aur is misconfigured somehow, as it opened before the Syu.

Until the bug is fixed just use pacman or pamac.




Thank you!

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