Serious Memory Leakage Problem

Hello, I just updated Garuda today (last update was yesterday) and I have a massive problem with memory leakage. I tested this twice and always my RAM fills up (32 GBs) and the system becomes completely unresponsive after like 5 minutes of running normally.
Programs running when this is happening:
Lutris, Wine-TKG-Fsync-Staging-Git, FireDragon, Discord

I'm installing PopOS right now (I know I can just go back to the previous snapshot but want to test the latest Pop version) so I can't do further testing. I'm thinking it's something to do with Wine although FireDragon was also updated today.

Just leaving this here as a warning/place for people to report if they have the same issue.

This report is too poor to serve anyone.
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You mean the ZRAM?

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