Secureboot Installer

It is sad that Arch does not support secure boot. Manjaro , endeavour and the rest do not have a way to install on a secureboot enabled system either. If Fedora, Debian, SUSE and all of their derivatives can do it, then Arch should be able to do it too. Apparently it is possible to set it up, but it is not easy. Apparently all of the needed tools are in the AUR. It would be great if the installer would ask if the user intends to run with secureboot enabled. The installer would then download and install and configure shim and the other needed secureboot related items. It would be just as wonderful if there was a place on the live image with some kind of Secureboot Wizard, which could secureboot-enable an existing installation. The name Secureboot Wizard has a great ring to it. There are a lot of people in the Linux community who don't like secureboot, but that should not matter. Having such an easy installation method for those who do choose to keep secureboot turned on would force everyone to look strangely at other arch-based distributions and ask why no one else could support secureboot.

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Yes, including us. We don't like proprietary things, especially one from ms.

Yeah, it really won't matter, if you go ahead and develop your own distro with secure boot. But here, on our distro, we don't like secure boot, hence we won't apply it.

Sad for the ones who cares.

Arch is independent Linux distribution. We do not follow ms or other distributions. But in future, if secure boot becomes important, we may apply it.


Just don't hold your breath waiting for that to ever happen. :wink:

No one is stopping you from creating your own self generated keys, if you want it that badly get on it.


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