Secure Boot

Hello there Garuda Community,

Let me start off by saying I’m still relatively new with Linux as a whole and aren’t 100% on everything, so go easy on me before all the Arch users come frothing at the mouth. “CHECK THE WIKI REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”


I recently upgraded my machine, well got a whole new machine basically. On my previous machine, I was running W11 on one SSD and Garuda on a different SSD. My issue is, Garuda USED to work fine on the AM4 platform with Secure Boot enabled, yet now on my AM5 Platform, it won’t run at all, not even the .iso to install Garuda does unless secure boot is disabled.

Now before you rage at me and say “did you use the search function” yes I did.

I seen a few posts about REFind on the Arch wiki, was a bit too complicated for me being a newbie.

Then the other posts was just people arguing, foaming at the mouth because of slight disagreements.

I do also understand Garuda doesn’t necessarily support secure boot, BUT. The but is the keyword here. I have seen somebody mention that it is achievable and was wondering if anybody who can explain in caveman terms how I achieve this?

Or is the only solution to keep disabling/re-enabling secure boot each time I want to use Garuda?

Remember, relax. Don’t rage at me because I haven’t got every little detail from the Arch wiki. I’m looking for someone who can explain in the most basic terms.


Why can’t you just leave it disabled? Windows 11 doesn’t require boot to run.


I could, but I’d rather a way around it.

The answer is that there isn’t a simple “paint by numbers” solution.

You can do it, but it isn’t trivial.


Alright, is there an alternative to the Arch Wiki method?

The Arch wiki describes a bunch of different methods.

On Garuda, you really should stick with grub since snapshot boot and recovery will be broken otherwise.

So you probably want to follow this part: GRUB - ArchWiki


Thanks kindly fella

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