SDDM.conf has incorrect default variable for numlock

instructions followed, 'error: no package owns sddm.conf'.

i will delete file as instructed.

what is the drop-in folder?
sorry lol


A drop-in folder is a method commonly used in various places in linux, to accomodate more than one configuration files, for a specific function/program, instead of using a unique configuration file. This way, subsequent additions from various auto-scripts can be done, without random programming tasks touching the same file.
Common thing in systemd (for example).


ahh yes, very good!

thank you very much =-)

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You seem to be a serious candidate for a future Linux expert, if you find/spend some time reading manuals and Archwiki.
We need every one :wink:


i'll be on this, i gotta clear up my vice-induced brain fog first tho lol

i generally do not find it too difficult really, for me it's mostly a matter of cross-referencing terminology and learning a new command set and overall operational structure, making sure i don't do something i can't undo.

snapshots are a godsend rofl thank you all for this setup =-)


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