Screenshot delay

So, I have this strange problem, this happens only in my new lenovo ideapad, on KDE dragonized:

Whenever I take a screenshot, it grabs an earlier picture of the screen, anywhere from a few minutes to few hours delay. I'm currently using deepin but the same thing happened with flameshot and spectacle too.

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You've posted in #issues-assistance:kde ?

Deepin DE has a whole set of issues which is why there's not a Deepin edition for download.


Is there a deepin screenshot app?
who knows :wink:
OP must be more clear :slight_smile:

I hate my tablet.

Actually this is a problem I also encounter often

So far I just use print multiple times.


on lenovo, right?

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Actually it's a random issue

Sometimes it happens sometimes don't

I don't think it's hardware specific issue


ok, on i3 no problems, I use no extra clippoard app. I think? :slight_smile:
Maybe OP use same in KDE like you?

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Yes, use deepin-screenshot on KDE, but this problem happens regardless of which tool. I suppose I could try an entirely different DE but I'm gonna mark @librewish answer as a solution since I don't plan to... :dragon:

Of course, as I'm editing this, I try and it works totally fine now...
:thinking: :man_shrugging:

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