Scandanavian keyboard hardware missing right alt key function SOLVED

Users of Scandinavian keyboards such as Lenovo Thinkpads sold in northern and eastern Europe, if you lost your right alt key function that gives access to necessary keys such as "@" or you never had this important function even after selecting your keyboard, then:

PROBLEM is likely that Linux or other keyboard systems (Ibus, etc) are probably mapping / mirroring left and right alt keys together


  1. Open application launcher
  2. Search or navigate to "Keyboard" with "Keyboard Hardware and Layout" menu
  3. Go to Advanced tab
  4. Select (check) "Alt and Win behavior"
  5. Select (check) "Left Alt is swapped with Left Win"
  6. Click APPLY button to save your settings

If you previously had Left Alt key programmed, then you will want to re-assign it.

Did you talk about KDE?
I will move the post, to the DE you use for this solution.


No because I didn't isolate the problem at a deeper level and I am running lots of keyboards lol. I am running Garuda Dr460nized KDE plasma.

It may be a bit grand to call it a "solution" since it is more of a work-around rather than disconnecting the merged left and right alt keys. I tried doing that in the way recommended on the AUR Arch Wiki and had no success.

But i am happy to finally solve something like that on my own lol. I still have audio issues to solve.

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