Scaling on Retina

Hi there :slight_smile:

I am writing from a Retina Macbook

See the menu font:

I dont know, if this comes across, but in my honest opinion is this really hard to read.

The font is tiny, and both MacOS and other Linux distros come with adjusted scaling by default.

The screen resolution on this 9 year old Macbook is 2560x1600 on a 13 inch

For comparison, this is how it looks with 150% scaling.

If you don't like the resolution, just change it. You can do it right from the GUI settings menu.


I know I can change it. The question is, which experience we like to provide by default. For other users, who might come from macOS, as an example. :slight_smile:

My preference is to have very dense display settings because I enjoy having the extra screen real estate. You would find the fonts on my devices too small (I know my wife certainly does :joy:).

Best to let the user decide for themselves, especially when the adjustment is so simple. There are just has so many diverse preferences, there is no way to honor each person's opinion.

I think defaulting to the native resolution of the hardware is a reasonable starting point. In the case an opinion must be expressed in the default setting, it should reflect the preference of the maintainer of the spin.


Well, in this case I would like to assume, that the person coming from macOS would like the resolution they are used too.

The person owning this laptop actually assumed this is somehow a bug.


If the person wants to have the experience of using macOS, then they should just use macOS.

In choosing to install a completely different operating system with a completely different desktop environment, I think it is reasonable to expect some things to be a little different than what the user may be accustomed to.


Sure. We dont need to make their life harder. I also think that most people do like to use the scaling they are used to. Most people here on the forums dont use 50% scaling, I am sure.

Why would you want to insist?
Changing your tool, is exactly that, not the same.

Advertising Linux as a one-to-one Mac replacement, is just fallacy.
OTOH, when someone likes something better than something else, what is the big problem of not having it?

Nevertheless, thanks for the request. :wink:

If there is no better justification, I would close the topic.

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Close it.

To be honest, I am quite tired of this gate keeping practices.

One thing is for sure: Beginners almost always use a device as it comes.
Professionals almost always customize their experience.

People coming from other OSs are usually interested in Linux, and quite overwhelmed by a lot of other unnecessary, gate keeping practices.

Why do we need to put more stones in their way, for no other reason as to keep them out of our community intentionally?