Sane values for 99-sysctl-performance-tweaks.conf?

I have 32GB of RAM, and I'm wondering how much to tweak the /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl-performance-tweaks.conf file.

I have read the Garuda wiki page on swappiness (thank you for that, devs :pray: ) and have swappiness currently set at 10 and vm.vfs_cache_pressure at 65. No issue there at all.

I have also pasted in TCP/IP stack hardening settings from research done in the Arch wiki. Again, no issues.

Now I am wondering about vm.dirty_ratio, vm.dirty_background_ratio, writeout times etc? If I understand correctly, the suggested values I could un-comment mean my system would start writing out data at 10% of RAM, or 3.2GB in my case. That seems like a lot of data to suddenly have to write out at once, and with other distros I have set these values much lower without apparent issues.

I could go by trial and error, but I am hoping for other people's perspectives on this, and especially the devs.


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Garuda uses zram/zswap compression in aid to btrfs. Improving performance - ArchWiki

Further discussion here: Improving performance - ArchWiki

With your amount of RAM? I dunno. Notta dev.

However, I appreciate your post' completeness. It's a rarity outside of the Arch forums, nowadays.