Samba NMB daemon failed

I have no idea what happened. All of a sudden, I'm unable to load zen kernel from disk and get a failed message: failed to start samba nmb daemon.

Any suggestions on how to debug this would be so so appreciated. I'm completely locked out of my system rn!

For context, I have been dual booting with windows on a separate SSD. And I just tried to switch back to Linux after some windows gaming and now I'm stuck. First time this has happened.

Installing Windows on a separate disk is a good practice to avoid problems with updates, but Windows can create problems on devices, locking WiFi cards, for example.
First make sure Windows is fully shutdown, as opposed to pseudo-hibernation (fast startup or whatever they call it).
You could try restoring the latest working snapshot. But that won't work if the problem is linked to Windows.
You could also try chrooting from a live USB and disable the nmb.service, but I don't think that's the problem.


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